5 Things Most Hotels Get Wrong

When travelling and staying in hotels, we all want an enjoyable stay. Although most hotels offer quality standards and services, there are some hotel basics that most hotels get wrong. The following is a list of 5 things most hotels get wrong.

1. Inadequate Lighting: For most travellers staying in a hotel, it is important to have sufficient lighting for such things as putting on make up in the bathroom, shaving, reading in bed, etc. Many hotels will neglect lighting causing guests to turn on all of the lights.

2. No Kettle/Coffee Maker For Coffee And Tea: Most of us on a vacation or a business trip enjoy waking up to the smell of coffee. Many hotels do not offer a kettle or coffee-maker in the rooms which results in guests having to get up and order it from room service or go out and get coffee. This can be a hassle, especially for guests who love to have a cup of coffee as soon as they crawl out of bed.

3. No Iron And Iron Board: When most people stay in a hotel, they want to be able to iron their clothes before they dress and go out, especially if they are not very good packers and the clothes become wrinkled. In addition, customs officers can open luggage and search the luggage which can mess up clothing. Having an iron and iron board in the hotel room is very convenient.

4. Showers That Are Not User-Friendly: Many hotel showers can be complicated to work. It can take a while to figure how the hot and cold works. Many people will get a shocking burst of cold or hot water. As well, the hotel may not leave enough of the small soaps and shampoo and the shelf can be so small the wet soap slides off onto the shower floor. In addition "open-plan" showers can be a problem in a small bathroom because the floor can get quite wet which is unpleasant when going to the bathroom late at night.

5. Inconvenient Power Outlet Placement: Many people will bring a lot of electric-powered devices such as hair dryers and curling irons when they stay at a hotel. Many hotels will have their power outlets located in inconvenient places such as behind the bed. This can be really annoying when trying to get ready to go out. In addition, often light switches are located in inconvenient places which can be a real pain when trying to find the switch in the dark.

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