Bodh Gaya Hotels Luxurious And Full Of Facilities

India is a land where you can enjoy multi seasons and best tourism destinations. This country has rich valleys, beaches, deserts, temples, etc. You would discover India as a place of pilgrims. One of them is Bodh Gaya. The place is very enchanting. It is a place where Gautama Siddhartha got enlightenment. You can have accommodation facilities in Bodh Gaya Hotels, rest houses, apartment, etc.

Pleasure and comfort are the two important things that have to be taken care of when one is travelling. Whether you are looking for economy or budget hotel, good accommodation with the best of amenities can easily be found at all the places.

Bodh Gaya is situated in a small capital city Patna, Bihar. You will find many believers of Hindus as well as Buddhist religion on this place. It constitutes of lovely natural surroundings, the three sides are covered by small rocky hills while there is a river flowing on the fourth side. Bodh Gaya is a sacred place as Gautama Siddhartha sat for meditations under Bodhi Tree near the banks of Falgu River located near city of Gaya.


There are many tourist attraction places in Bodh Gaya. You can visit Bodhi Tree, which is a tree where Buddha got enlightenment or nirvana. Mahabodhi Temple is one of the most popular temples in India and is renowned for its architectural design. It is a pyramid shaped 54 mts tall shrine build under the rule of Ashoka. Dungeswari caves located within 12 km from bodh gaya is another mysterious place. Here, you will find many paintings and carvings on stone which explains the story of Lord Buddha.

People from all over the world come to this place. One can easily find one or the other hotel that fit his/her budget no matter how much it is. For the best deals, one can search through internet and get all the information about bodh gaya hotels. To name a few “ hotel Tajdarbar, hotel Tathagat International, Mahamaya hotel, etc. The stay charges begin with as low as Rs. 200 per day and go up to as high as Rs. 9000 per day depending on the location.


There are many Bodh Gaya Hotels, monastery guest houses, residencies, etc. There are some hotels offering you 5 star luxurious facilities like spa, dinning, private bathroom, cable TV, laundry, room service, fax services, deposits, lockers, telephone calling, etc. There are International hotels like Delta, Mahamaya, Shashi International, Lotus Nikko, etc.

By: Caleb Dowey