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Colchester is situated within a important gateway location between the UK and Europe using the Ports of Harwich and Felixstowe towards the east as well as Stansted Airport to the west. The town is linked to an extensive network of major roadways via the A12 as well as the A120, which provide routes to London, the M25,Ipswich and Cambridge.

In addition to being Britain's earliest documented town it's not just Colchester's heritage and historical past which allures in excess of 4.5m prospects each year. Colchester these days is actually a flourishing, modern town with numerous excellent visitor attractions, such as the children's favourite Colchester zoo, making the area excellent for a day trip, short-break or family holiday.

Colchester also offers a vibrant business community, having a number of significant and well established business parks.

How to find a good Hotel within the Colchester Region

Colchester offers an array of holiday property: serviced accommodation, this includes friendly B&Bs, guest houses; traditional and modern hotels in addition to self-catering, additionally it is Britainââ,¬â,,¢s oldest recorded town attracting in the area of 4.5 million visitors each and every year.

Having a lively night life and several bars and clubs within the main town, it is recommended that you pick carefully the position of your hotel as well as the room inside the hotel.

Steps to finding a good hotel:

1. Consider some of the standard features, like in-room coffee machines, meeting areas, business services, on-site restaurants as well as bars?

2. Check out reviews, the majority of good hotels now have a review page on there website. Additionally look for impartial reviews since not every hotel permits negative reviews.

3. If a small family operated hotel inquire the length of time they have been in business, this will give you a perception of whether or not they are a reasonably operated hotel.

4. Make a price comparison in the local area, having the ability to present a price you have already been quoted may well assist you to press for a improved price.

5. Determine the reason for your hotel stay this will help to narrow down your selection; if you are searching for just a relaxing time away you don't actually want to end up being trapped in a business hotel that caters for large business meetings.

Good quality questions you should ask:

Understanding how to get a good hotel room is actually about asking lots of the appropriate questions. Remaining friendly as well as persistent with the hotel employee you consult with, the greater questions you ask when arranging your accommodation, the more you'll probably be pleased with the room you receive for the price you pay.

What is their particular smoking policy?

Smoking has become prohibited by law within the public areas of all hotels throughout Great Britain. Numerous hotels additionally prohibit smoking in all their hotel bedrooms, whilst others possess a limited number of bedrooms assigned to smokers.

What Grade is the Hotel?

Hotel grading is quite a subjective procedure and the low-level of involvement within the official grading schemes mean it is usually difficult to compare and contrast one hotel with another. A fresh scheme has been launched by VisitBritain, in conjunction with the AA along with other agencies towards the end of 2008, it sets out a standard set of standards that is to be utilised by everybody, with hotels separated into five categories, from formal city accommodation to smaller sized family-run establishments making use of the easily recognized star system.

Cancellation Policy?

A credit card is needed to secure a reservation at most hotels. Find out if there will be a cancellation fee if your booking is cancelled prior to your date of arrival, or in the case of a noshow on a reservation in excess of one day, whether the first night will still be billed.

Car Parking?

Does the hotel possess its own car parking amenities and are they free of charge. Much like most towns car parking inside Colchester can be at a premium, the closer that you are towards the centre of town the more unlikely that the hotel has got parking facilities in order to cater for all of its guests. There are numerous local authority or council run car parks within the centre of Colchester however parking here may add any where from Ã,£5 - Ã,£10.00 per day to your stay

Booking in Advance

Considering the financial environment as it is these days whenever making your reservation for a hotel in advance, regardless of whether via the internet or by telephone, you should use a recognised credit card. If you use your credit card as opposed to a different kind of payment this provides you with extra consumer protection. Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, should you purchase goods from Ã,£100 up to Ã,£30,000 both the card provider and the trader have responsibility under a rule known as liability. If anything goes wrong for example the goods are damaged or perhaps the company goes into liquidation, you will have protection.

Price Protection

Check out the small print of your credit card to determine if it includes price protection. It means that should you make a purchase at one price and it becomes cheaper in a sale or even a special discounted period, you might be able to claim back the difference. A time restriction generally applies to this of 60 days from your original purchase and typically covers from Ã,£10 to Ã,£1,000.

Purchase Protection

If you make use of more than one credit card it may be a good idea to utilize the one which has purchase protection in the lead up to special occasions for example Christmas, a wedding or perhaps a holiday. However do weigh this up with the other benefits of the card. The most effective combination is a card that provides a good rate of interest or none at all, cash back and purchase protection.

However whichever kind of card you use, your rights under the Consumer Credit Act remain. A card that provides purchase protection is an added extra. Remember, check the small print to make sure that the cover you seek actually exists in the particular cardââ,¬â,,¢s policy.

Colchester Attractions

Ã,· There exists a thriving arts scene with 4 museums, several galleries and 4 theatres.

Ã,· Work has begun on a Ã,£17.8 million contemporary visual art gallery.

Ã,· You can find excellent shopping incorporating big name stores with quiet lanes of smaller specialist shops in addition to Williams and Griffin, award-winning independent department store.

Ã,· Colchester offers more quality assured visitor attractions than any other English town.

Ã,· Comes with a balance between offering significant opportunities for new economic development whilst holding onto its unique heritage plus a special quality of life (a 1998 MORI poll established that Colchester is amongst the best locations to live in the country regarding quality of life).

Ã,· Offers ideal connections to the Continent, London along with the rest of the region.

Ã,· Boast the region's premier business centre - the Colchester Business Park, home to numerous worldwide operating companies.

Ã,· Is home to the University of Essex, Britain's most international university. It hosts students coming from more than 125 nations around the world and it is identified as 'the most academically distinguished university in Britain for its size'.

Ã,· Is home to the Colchester Institute, part of the University of Essex. Its completely new call centre campus is the first of its kind in Essex and will enhance the town's inward investment portfolio by providing expertise within this high-growth employment area.