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Depression Can Hit Hard At Holidays

This is a hard time of year for many people who just can't get into the holiday spirit because they are suffering from holiday depression. It may or may not be serious, but it affects millions of people who may not share the same happiness as so many people who enjoy the season. Going to the mall to buy presents for people you really do not care about while listening to some of the most annoying music ever created, while knowing that the holidays mean spending too much time alone, can really put a downer on the holidays.

A lot of people say it is just a matter of holiday blues and depression, but if you look into it a little bit further, you might wee the symptoms of a mood affective disorder, which can be very dangerous to people if it is not treated right.

A lot of people think that those who mope around during the holiday season and refuse to attend parties or office functions will simply get over it once the New Year begins. People who think it is just a phase figure that it is a person that is just trying to muddle through the season, but the cynics might want to take a look at some stats that show that suicide rates go way up during the holiday season.

If a person is sad or down, that doesn't mean anything is really serious although it might. It could be the simple fact that almost everyone hits a low spot at some point through the year. It is just that when a person hits that spot, it is really great to be there for them. Sometimes just being there is more important than any gift you can buy for them at the mall.

First, try to observe them for a short period of time and see if they are experiencing some of the signs of depression such as sleepiness, listlessness, and general lack of enthusiasm. For the most part these symptoms will usually be accompanied by withdrawal from friends and families and several no shows or declines for social invitations. Those who have been fine up until the winter sets in are likely not just depressed but seasonally depressed.

Of course, since this depression is seasonal in nature it will usually resolve as the spring sets in but it is important to make sure that you do not count on this. Many times during the winter months an individuals depression can become more than they can manage and as a result they may wind up hurting themselves or becoming so ill that they fail to eat or take care of themselves.

The main thing is to simply be their for someone about whom you see some signals of depression, but if you can't do anything, make sure you encourage them to seek help. A physician can usually make a recommendation to someone who can talk their way through the problems and it is up to you, as a friend or family member, to guide them in the right direction.