Discover Rocky Point Mexico



Mexico is one of the top vacation destinations for many Americans. It is a country that offers different attractions from archeological sites to costal towns. If your travel plans include beautiful beaches, the excitement of ocean going banana boat rides, fishing charters, ATV rentals, sunsets and shopping, we invite you to discover Puerto Penasco, better known to Americans as Rocky Point.

Puerto Penasco started as a fishing village in the 1930's and gradually developed into a major shrimping town on The Sea of Cortez. It was slowly discovered by Americans as a new and exciting place to visit.

Puerto Penasco is surrounded by the Sonoran Desert on the side and The Sea of Cortez on the other. The ocean conditions in this area create tides perfect for many different varieties of water activities. You can also watch the sunrise and sunset from the same horizon. While in Puerto Penasco, you can do anything from hiking the Pinacate Mountains or Volcanic Craters to taking romantic walks along the beach.

We hope that your stay at The Playa Inn Hotel Rocky Point helps to make your experiences in Puerto Penasco fun and memorable.





Rocky Point is a shoppers dream. There are dozens of shops to visit and thousands of things to purchase for gifts and souvenirs. If you leave empty-handed you've certainly done something not right!

From fine art galleries to beach vendors selling their wares and handmade yarn bracelets, there is something for everyone. Visit the Old Port area and walk up and down the Malecon, in and out of shops offering colorful handmade blankets, leather goods, rugs, clay and hand painted pottery, sports wear, rustic wood furniture, hand carved onyx chess sets, and leather handbags. Take a stroll down one of the most popular shopping areas, Cholla Road, also known as "Rodeo Drive" and "Shacks Fifth Avenue." Here you will find a recently paved road with shops stacked one on top of the other selling everything from bedroom sets to handmade sterling silver bracelets.

While on the beach, the vendors come to you with their silver, pottery, kites and other toys. Some will braid your hair, paint your name on a grain of rice or weave your name into a yarn bracelet.

Bartering and the art and excitement of 'haggling' is an accepted practice in Rocky Point. You ask the price, the seller tells you and you counter offer - the haggling has begun. You will almost always get your purchase for less than the asking price. Some of the finer shops do not practice bartering but it never hurts to ask for a discounted price. ATM availability is limited and most shop owners request payment in cash.





Puerto Penasco's sightseeing options are limitless. You could literally spend a month or more discovering every nook and cranny of the city. From the Pinacate Volcanic Craters to simple tide pools, Rocky Point has something for everyone.

Among the most popular activities are sunset cruises, visits to Bird Island, tide pool exploring, clamming and visiting various parts of the city such as Las Conchas, Cholla Bay and Black Mountain. For the more adventurous there is scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, ATV riding and even parasailing. There is so much to discover in Rocky Point and all of it can be self-guided if you choose. Just pickup a map and head out to see the many interesting sites. Visit the beachfront estates in Las Conchas or beach communities south, head out to see what's new on Sandy Beach, go clamming in Cholla Bay, jump on an ATV and head out toward Black Mountain, pick up your snorkel and take a dip in the ocean or head out toward Las Conchas and visit the oyster farms, CEDO and Cet-Mar Aquarium. Go on down to Old Port and do some shopping, buy some fresh shrimp and watch the hustle and bustle of the shrimping fleet.

Rocky Point is yours to discover! Enjoy.