Exciting Employment Opportunities At Hotels

Hotels have exciting opportunities for employment for job seekers with a variety of skills. The hospitality industry is a growing field and can provide fun working environments. From entry level to upper management jobs, there are many opportunities available for workers that can be enticing and lucrative. Some chains and resorts offer discounts and incentives to their employees. If you get a job in a location such as a beach town along one of the coasts, or in an exotic island locale, it can be like you're on vacation all year long. Hospitality jobs are perfect for friendly, enthusiastic workers who want to make guests feel welcome. Does this sound enticing to you? Here are some possibilities to think about.

Entry Level Opportunities

If you want to get your foot into the hotel employment door, an entry-level job might be the right first step. There are positions such as van driver, maid, waiter, or groundskeeper. Van drivers are in charge of the courtesy transportation that takes hotel guests to and from the airport, and to tourist attractions around town. If you like to drive and meet new people, this could be a fun position to start out with. If you are naturally tidy and enjoy cleaning a messy space, then a maid's position might suit your fancy. If fine dining is your forte, you might start out as a waiter, waitress, or member of the bussing crew. If you love spending time outdoors and the idea of planting flowers, mowing lawns, and trimming shrubbery is appealing, a groundskeeper position could be waiting for you.

Next Tier Positions

After spending time driving the van, cleaning rooms, waiting on tables, and landscaping the grounds for a while, you could move up to the next level of position. There are multiple promotions available such as fleet manager who takes care of all transportation needs, head of housekeeping who manages the whole department, banquet chef of the restaurant, or head of grounds keeping. Once you prove yourself in hotels, the sky is the limit for employment possibilities.

Other Options

Other possibilities of jobs in hotels you might be interested in include reservations specialist, front desk clerk, elevator service personnel, plumbing and electrical maintenance workers, and advertising staff. Not all positions would be located within the hotel or resort itself. Some would be situated in the central office, which is home to several branches of the chain of resorts. Advertising staff could be a national position, and might entail designing websites, logos, brochures, and more. If a person with an art background wants to work in the hospitality industry, it's definitely a possibility.