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Kenya Comfort Nairobi Kenya Hotel

The Nairobi's Kenya comfort hotel is an excellent addition to an otherwise restricted Nairobi accommodation scene. The Kenya comfort hotel is located on Muindi Mbingu Street and is painted a striking light blue hue.

This Nairobi Kenya Hotel is kept in top shape and has a wide selection of modern tiled rooms and a lift for easy access. There is a popular 24hr bar-restaurant called Sokoni.

Breakfast is at Usd 5. The Nairobi hotel also offers conference facilities in its top fifth floor. The price range for this Nairobi hotel is US$26-36 for single, USD 32-42 for a double and US$42-45 for a triple room accommodation.

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Down Town Nairobi Kenya Hotel

Down town Nairobi Kenya is further on the road to the popular terminal. Where else terminals reputation overshadows most other midrange Nairobi accommodation, down town plays its part too. Their price ranges from Kshs 1200/1500 for s/d room accommodation.

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Meridian court Nairobi Kenya Hotel

With grey concrete blocks above the lobby, the meridian Nairobi assumes a dull outlook save for its monstrous lobby area. You can get a suite here for the price of a normal standard room... So you know better than to mouth it.

There are no flairs here but the hotels facilities make it worthwhile. The pricing is Kshs 2950/3650 for s/d room accommodation.

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Park side Nairobi Kenya Hotel

The Nairobi Kenya hotel is located right outside the lavish Jevanjee gardens. The Nairobi Kenya mid range hotel is modest but decent but decent enough value. The location of the hotel has managed to keep out the pervading and annoying Nairobi traffic and town noise.

Breakfast in the rather nicely quiet and organised downstairs restaurant will make a damage of Kshs 300 to your wallet. The price range of the park side Nairobi hotel is Kshs 1300/1700/ 2200 for s/d/ tr room accommodation.

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Ambassadeur Nairobi Kenya Hotel

Believe it or not this hotel once belonged to the Sarova chain of hotels. The grand structure has not changed although not the same can be said of the interior finesse. In a central location but dead on the Street Boundary between budget and top range hotels.

Breakfast here costs Usd 10 meant for the triples and quadruples as opposed to singles. Price ranges here are from usd35/45/65 for s/d/tr room accommodation.

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Nairobi Kenya Hotel Greton

This is a big block of hotel in the heart of the budget district. It has a balcony restaurant overlooking the street. Hotel Rooms here are spacious and comfortable.

The Nairobi Kenya hotel boasts a saloon and gym. The overall effect is that you will tend to Greton due to the extras since the rest of the budgets do not have such.

Their price ranges from Kshs 950/1200/1700 for s/d/tr room accommodation.

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Grand Holiday Nairobi Kenya Hotel

The Nairobi hotel is located on Tsavo road. White faces seem to be a novelty here telling from the whisperings of the staff. It's a favoured place by Kenyan business men. They have large hotel rooms fitted with TVs, huge beds and spacious red-hued bathrooms. The price range here is at Kshs 1050/2000/2200 for d/tr/ste room accommodation.