Hotels in Manila - Why the Amazing Five-Star Manila Hotel is Simply a Choice Accommodation

One of the best five (5)-star hotels in the Philippines, the Manila Hotel would surely catch your attention when you decide to spend some time in Manila either during your vacation or work trips.

The building's whitewashed façade topped with green roofs stands tall along the Roxas Boulevard, 20-minutes from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). It's presence, it seems, commands respect from its neighbors-the iron cast monument of Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal which rests at the center of the Rizal Park, the mossy green walls of "Old Manila," Intramuros and the orange sunset breathing their last breathes of fire from scenic Manila Bay.

But, don't get me wrong. The glory of Manila Hotel rests not only on the rich history of its neighbors, but also on its own history it has managed to nurture. Aside for being Gen. Douglas MacArthur's residence from 1935-1941, it has also played host to many foreign celebrities such as the Beatles, Ernest Hemingway and former US president John F. Kennedy.

Lodging in one of its 500 newly refurnished rooms and suites, one would feel as though the presence of these celebrities still lingers within the corners of each room. With its exquisite furnishings and plush tapestries, one would truly feel the warmth of Filipino hospitality. Along with modern amenities like cable TV, a bedside radio and state-of-the-art Ving Electronic Card Security system, and creature comforts such as a fully stocked mini bar plus windows and terraces that offer scenic views of the city, Manila Hotel is truly a perfect urban getaway.