Playa Del Carmen Beach Hotels - How To Avoid A Bad One

Any tourist destination is going to have its share of traps. While there are plenty of wonderful Playa del Carmen beach hotels, there are also plenty of ones you should endeavor to avoid. Even if you plan on spending as little time in your room as possible, a bad place to stay can ruin your trip in a hurry. Imagine trying to get a good night's rest when you can clearly hear your neighbors carrying on at all hours of the night. It won't be easy. Here are some of the warning signs you shouldn't ignore when looking for a place to rest your head.

Over the Top Marketing

The Playa del Carmen beach hotels worth the money don't need to shout down their customers like a cheap used car lot. Take a look at their website and their brochures. Sure, there is going to be some degree of puffery involved”that's the nature of advertising. But there's a difference between providing the facts in a trumped up way and blowing things completely out of proportion. Knowing the difference could keep you from winding up in a place you can't stand.

Watch Reviews Carefully

Online reviews can make the job of picking between Playa del Carmen beach hotels a lot easier, but there's a caveat: don't believe everything you read. This goes for reviews both positive and negative, actually. Remember, it is human nature to go on the Internet and complain after having a bad experience. People who are satisfied rarely feel compelled to rave about it to strangers. Thankfully, enough people understand the value of fair reporting to make the online review system work, but you have to be careful with extreme points of view. If someone's writing seems a little too sparkling, consider that it may have been written by an employee.

Lack of Photographs

A picture is worth a thousand words, so don't even think about booking a room without seeing some photos of the property. It takes no effort at all to take some pictures and put them online, so view any Playa del Carmen beach hotels that fail to do this with the proper suspicion. Maybe they simply aren't great marketers or haven't gotten around to it, but that doesn't mean you should take a wild leap of faith. A picture isn't going to tell you everything you need to know about an establishment, but it will tell you a lot more than a written description.