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Rent A Self Catering Apartment For Your Next Holiday

For many people, the highlight of their year is a holiday abroad. This has been the trend ever since the late sixties. However more and more people are changing their choice of accommodation by choosing self catering apartment instead of hotels.

I had never thought of the idea but then a friend came back from a holiday and told me about how much of a difference it makes. She was a lot more relaxed and had a better time. I had always used hotels for my holidays with my son and children and it was stressful. I always felt like I needed another holiday to recover from that one.

I was interested in what she had to say for many reasons. Hotel accommodation always took a lot of money out of our budget as we are a large family. We could never stay in one room together and we were never allowed to eat and drink in the rooms. When you have six children between the age of 3 and 15, that begins to become a problem. The kids always made a lot of noise as well, this meant I spent the whole two weeks feeling very anxious just waiting for someone to complain.

My friend told me that the apartments to rent were very practical and luxurious. It was just like having your own property but in a foreign country. I needed to see this for myself and immediately opened Google to search for sites where these self catering apartments were for rent. It turns out that a lot of the apartments are private rents by ex-pats who have bought property abroad and simply rent it out to cover the running costs.

I found apartments with luxury bathrooms, all modern cons and lots of bedrooms, so we no longer had to sleep on top of one another. The price was also very cheap and we would save money as each apartment came with a kitchen so we did not have to go out to restaurants every night.

I knew that I wanted the family to holiday in Ibiza, so I eagerly sat there for an hour looking at hundreds of self catering apartments to rent. I finally decided on one and was able to make the reservation there and then. There was also the optional choice of employing a cleaner to come into the apartment every day and I paid for this as well, because I did not want to spend my holiday cleaning up after the kids.

So for our last holiday, we rented a four bedroom apartment in Ibiza and it was the best holiday, we have ever had. In a hotel, we always had to set the alarm clock to make sure we did not miss breakfast. In our apartment we woke up, when we wanted to and then had breakfast on the balcony which had a fantastic sea view.