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Rent Disney Homes Rather Than Pay A Fortune In Hotel Bills

Increasingly many families are choosing to rent Disney homes in preference to staying at some of the expensive hotels in and around the neighborhood. Enjoying a family vacation in Orlando, perhaps spending much of your time in Disney World, can be an amazing experience for the whole family.

However, whilst the days may be filled with rides, entertainment and fun, all too often there can be problems. If you choose not to rent a private vacation home near Disney World, then almost certainly you'll be forced to pay exorbitant fees at one of the nearby hotels. Quite apart from being very much more expensive, difficulties can arise, especially when families become confined to a single room for a week or more.

If you have very young children, then almost certainly you're familiar with how excited and energetic they can become! This can be endearing for a while, but being cooped up in a single room for up to two weeks can easily turn your family holiday into a boot camp. Within a hotel there is little to do except jump up and down on the beds, run around like headless chickens and disturb guests in nearby rooms. And as for the children!

But the problem doesn't grow any smaller as your children grow bigger. If you have teenagers, then you're probably aware of them wanting their own space. This means that while you aren't out and about within Disney World, your children could well be roaming the neighborhood. Most parents will feel a little uneasy about this - either from the point of view of the welfare of their children, or the welfare of the neighborhood!

The third issue concerns costs, because in almost every hotel you will find that you'll be paying extra for having the children with you, and the more children you have, the more expensive your vacation becomes. Many families like to go away on holiday with close friends or extended families, and when two or more families head off to Orlando, hotel expenses can become very significant, which may well put off potential visitors.

However, the option to rent vacation homes near Disney World has become more popular recently, and a growing number of families have been discovering the wealth of advantages in making the switch from hotels to Orlando vacation homes. Renting a private home near Disney World takes all of the problems which hotel accommodation incurs, and turns them into positive advantages.

For younger children, there is a clear benefit in staying at a private house in Orlando rather than a single hotel room. They are able to run around, let off steam and enjoy themselves without causing your blood pressure to rise as quickly as the hotel bills. Most private homes available for renting near Disney World include up to seven bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and a kitchen, and even gardens, private pools and spas.

Imagine being able to relax on your own patio after a hard day at Disney World, a cool glass in your hand, and your children happily wearing off any excess energy by running about the garden or splashing in the pool. Surely this should be what a vacation feels like, rather than being squashed into a shoebox?

The advantages continue as your children grow older. Teenagers who would otherwise be confined to a hotel room will usually feel the need to get away and do their own thing. This is quite natural, and from the parents' point of view gives them a break too.

If you choose to rent vacation homes near Disney World rather than hotel rooms then your teenage children will be able to enjoy their own space, have their own bedroom, and perhaps even spend time in the pool or spa. This gives you and them the break from each other you'll need now and then. But even better than this is that you'll actually know where your kids are. Rather than having them wandering around the local streets, they'll be safely at home with you.