Best answer: How do I report a nursing home in New Mexico?

Report incidents or concerns with long-term care facilities and hospitals.

Who oversees nursing homes in New Mexico?

If you need to know who in the state government oversees health care quality in nursing and rehabilitaion facilities, it is the Bureau. The New Mexico Department of Health’s Health Facility Licensing and Certification Bureau is responsible for the licensing and regulating of New Mexico’s health care facilities.

Who regulates hospitals in New Mexico?

Health Facility Licensing & Certification ( HFLC ) is now health facilities and is composed of two bureaus, the Program Operations Bureau and the District Operations Bureau. These two bureaus are responsible for the licensing and certifying of all health facilities in New Mexico.

How do I file a complaint against a nursing home in CT?


You can contact the Department of Public Health complaint phone line by dialing: (860) 509-7400 or you can find additional information via the DPH website, Reporting a Complaint. 1-866-388-1888. Choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one is a very important decision.

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How do I report a clinic?

How do I send a complaint?

  1. SMS the word “Help” – followed by your name, the nature of your complaint, facility and, if applicable, the name of a staff member to 31022.
  2. Call 0860 142 142 and press “1”.
  3. Send an email to

How do I file a complaint against a hospital in New Mexico?

Report Concerns

  1. Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Reporting. 1-800-445-6242 (Toll Free) …
  2. Health Facility Complaints. 1-800-752-8649 (Toll Free) …
  3. Reporting & Surveillance. 505-827-0006 (Local)

How do I report a therapist in New Mexico?

How to File a Complaint

  1. Call the State Board (505-476-4565) to verify that the case is within the Board’s jurisdiction.
  2. It is recommended to thoroughly read the ‘General Information’ document for a comprehensive understanding of the complaint process.
  3. Complete the complaint form describing the details of the situation.

Who regulates assisted living in NYC?

New York State, through the New York State Department of Health, licenses and supervises adult care facilities which provide temporary or long-term, non-medical residential care services to adults who are substantially unable to live independently.

Who oversees nursing homes in CT?

Nursing homes in Connecticut are licensed and regulated by the Department of Public Health. The agency has an Ombudsman who receives, investigates and resolves all complaints and problems from or on behalf of nursing home residents affecting their quality of life and care.

What is the purpose of an ombudsman?

The primary duties of an organizational ombudsman are (1) to work with individuals and groups in an organization to explore and assist them in determining options to help resolve conflicts, problematic issues or concerns, and (2) to bring systemic concerns to the attention of the organization for resolution.

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How do I file a complaint against a hospital in CT?

The toll free number is: (800) 828-9769.

In order to process your complaint in a timely manner, please:

  1. Complete the online form(FLIS Complaint Submission) in its entirety to the extent possible, including your contact information.
  2. Include any names and phone numbers with whom you have already filed a complaint.

Where do I report the Department of Health?

Western Cape Department of Health using this online form below. The Provincial Office of the Department of Labour The National Department of Health: COVID-19 hotline: 0800 02 9999.

How do I complain about a private hospital?

Telephoning the complaints helpline on 03450154033 [Monday to Friday 8-30am to 5-30pm] Emailing

Where can I complain about a clinic in Gauteng?

They must lodge their complaints with the complaints manager or the office of the hospital chief executive officer. Alternatively they can call the following hotline numbers 0800 233 886 or 011 488 4366.