How is public transportation in Cancun?

The buses run every five minutes, with the most popular routes being R1 and R2. Either of these routes will take you back and forth between downtown and the Hotel Zone. A one-way fare typically costs $10.50 Pesos which is roughly 50 cents in USD.

What is the best way to get around in Cancun?

The best way to get around Cancún is the bus, which stops frequently along Boulevard Kukulcán and within the downtown area. One-way fares are a steal at 12 Mexican pesos (or around 60 cents), making a ride in a Cancún taxi seem exorbitant.

Is public transportation safe in Cancun?

Re: Is It Safe To Take The Bus To Downtown Cancun? Yeah, it’s safe, but you would be well advised to stay in your sea, hold onto the kids, and hang on tight while getting down there. The buses are not bothered with speed limit observance, and the drivers are friendly and fast, especially fast.

Is it safe to take bus in Cancun?

Riding the bus in Cancun is safe, convenient, and is the most common form of transportation. If you’re staying in Cancun, forget about renting a car or even taking a taxi. Just take a quick Airport Transfer to your hotel and back and while you’re in Cancun, just ride the bus around – it’s so easy you’ll be amazed.

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Is it safe to walk around Cancun hotel zone?

The Hotel Zone (or Zona Hotelera) is, by far, one of the safest areas in Cancun. … Security is also very tight here, as tourism is the biggest source of revenue for Cancun. Even at night, you can walk around here, just be careful to stay clear of the secluded areas.

What should I avoid in Cancun?

Travel smarter by checking out this list of common travel mistakes to avoid in Cancun, Mexico.

  • Exchanging money at the airport. …
  • Choosing your hotel by price alone. …
  • Taking a taxi at the airport. …
  • Buying everything at the listed price. …
  • Drinking water from the faucet. …
  • Booking tours from stand-alone tour guides.

Are taxis expensive in Cancun?

Taxi prices in Cancún are clearly set by zone, although keeping track of what’s in which zone can take some doing. The average fare within the Hotel Zone is 60–90 pesos per ride, making it one of the most expensive taxi areas in Mexico. … It’ll cost about 180 pesos to travel between the Hotel Zone and downtown.

Do cartels own resorts in Cancun?

Right Robert…the cartels own many of the large resorts.

Does Cancun Mexico have Uber?

There IS Uber in Cancun – and the rest of Mexico – and it’s entirely possible to hail an Uber using the app. However, it’s not always straightforward, as Uber drivers still face a lot of issues from the local taxi companies.

Is it safe to go to Cancun Covid?

The US Embassy says results for PCR and antigen tests are reliably available within 24 hours in Mexico. As of January 14, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintained Mexico’s travel advisory rating at level 3 — “high” risk. Level 4 is “very high” risk.

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Are taxis in Cancun safe?

So, is it safe to take a taxi in Cancun? Taxis in hotel zone are safe, but you should be cautious if taking a taxi in downtown. We recommend considering Private Transportation for any kind of service. It is comfortable, totally safe and always available, plus it counts with fixed non-incrementable-by-drivers rates.

Can you walk around in Cancun?

Cancun is relatively easy to navigate and get around, as many of the best attractions and sightseeing spots are located in the Hotel Zone. The Hotel Zone is the main tourist area of Cancun and is very walkable. Aside from that, there are tons of taxis available and great public transportation options like the bus.

How do you pay for the bus in Cancun?

Buses are paid with Mexican pesos and you can use either coins or bills. However, I would recommend using coins, or bills of lower denomination ($20 MXN or $50 MXN). As of today, bus tickets from the hotel zone to downtown are $10.50 MXN.