How many tourists does Cancun get per year?

Over 15 million tourists visit Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean every year without incident.

How many people travel to Cancun every year?

Over 15 million tourists visit Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean every year without incident.

How many tourists visited Cancun in 2019?

According to data from Statista, 21.73 million Americans traveled to Mexico in 2020 amid the pandemic, compared to 39.94 million in 2019. Cancun saw a drop in visits from international travelers last year. In 2020, the city reported 2.3 million tourists, down from 6 million in 2019.

Who visits Cancun the most?

During the first quarter of 2020, 34 percent of tourists in Cancún, Mexico were from the United States. Mexico itself accounted for 33.7 percent of the travelers in the renowned city at the Yucatán Peninsula. Canada was also a popular country of origin among tourists in Cancún, with 8.7 percent.

Why many tourists visit Cancun?

Cancun is considered to be the heart of the Mexican Caribbean and year on year thousands of visitors who come to the Yucatan Peninsula end up right here! The gorgeous beaches, great weather, and amazingly clear and clean waters are huge pulls for many tourists, but Cancun has much more to offer than just this.

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Is Cancun full of American tourists?

Cancún tourism statistics

In the first quarter of 2020, more than three out of ten visitors in the city were Mexicans. Considering international visitors, the U.S. was the. And Cancún visitors like to enjoy their stay – almost 70 percent of visitors had a length of stay in the city of at least five days.

How many tourists go to Mexico each year?

Mexico: number of foreign tourists 2016-2020

In 2020, Mexico welcomed 23.3 million international tourists, around half of the inbound tourism volume recorded a year earlier.

What is the most visited city in Mexico?

Mexico City was the leading travel destination in Mexico in 2019 – based on the number of tourist arrivals – with over 11.3 million arrivals that year. Cancún, located in the state of Quintana Roo, at the Yucatán Peninsula, ranked second, with approximately 8.6 million visitor arrivals that same year.

What country has the most tourists in the world?

United Nations World Tourism Organization released a list showing the most beloved countries of the world.

  1. France — 89.4 Million Visitors.
  2. Spain — 82.7 Million Visitors. …
  3. United States — 79.6 Million Visitors. …
  4. China — 62.9 Million Visitors. …
  5. Italy — 62.1 Million Visitors. …
  6. Turkey — 45.7 Million Visitors. …

What is the most visited country in the world?

Welcoming more than 89 million visitors per year, France is the most visited country in the world.

What kind of people visit Cancun?

IN GENERAL, Mexicans, Americans and Brits prefer Cancun with more activity, shopping, discos, restaurants and things to do and Canadians and “other” Europeans (from Spain, France, Germany, Italy) seem to prefer the Riviera Maya and Isla Mujeres.

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Where do most tourist in Mexico come from?

The majority of tourists come to Mexico from the United States and Canada. Other visitors come from other Latin American countries. A small number of tourists also come from Europe and Asia.

How many tourists visit Playa del Carmen every year?

In 2017, the city of Playa del Carmen, in Mexico, welcomed more than 1.1 million tourists, from which 1.08 million (98 percent) did not reside in the country. This city was one of the most popular international travel destinations for United States travelers.