Is AAA available in Mexico?

Find savings at more than 500 partner locations throughout Mexico with your AAA Membership.

Does AAA provide roadside assistance in Mexico?

Since U.S. liability insurance is invalid in Mexico, you’ll need proof of Mexico auto insurance for a road trip south of the border. AAA can help you get what’s required through one of Mexico’s largest and most reputable insurance companies.

Does AAA work outside the US?

Many mobility clubs around the world are active in AAA’s global discounts program. This means that they have partnerships throughout their countries where you can obtain discounts (attractions, museums, hotels, retail locations, and some restaurants).

Will my US insurance cover me in Mexico?

Most typical U.S. auto insurance policies will not cover Mexico. So, if you’re heading south of the border, you’ll need additional coverage for the family wagon. GEICO, for example, has partners that offer Mexico-specific policies for cars, RVs and motorcycles.

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Is my insurance valid in Mexico?

Your U.S. driver’s license is valid in Mexico, according to the U.S. Department of State. But, your U.S. car insurance policy likely does not cover you, your vehicle or your rental car if you get into a wreck in Mexico.

Is AAA membership good in Mexico?

Before you hit the road, make sure you’re protected with locally-recognized Mexico Auto Insurance. Plus, AAA Members receive a discount on any Mexico policy purchased. Just enter your full Membership number when you purchase online, then print and go! AAA Members and non-members are welcome to use this service.

Is there a waiting period for AAA?

AAA Basic Membership benefits are available immediately to members upon joining. Plus and Premier service is effective 7 days after enrollment or upgrade payment is received. NOTE: Preexisting breakdowns are restricted to AAA Basic emergency roadside benefits, regardless of join or upgrade dates.

Can AAA be used in Puerto Rico?

AAA said Wednesday that it will begin offering travel services in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. … Services to be offered immediately include memberships, emergency roadside assistance and travel planning.

Does AAA work in South Africa?

Find savings at more than 900 partner locations throughout South Africa with your AAA Membership. To learn more about membership savings internationally through AAA at your local AAA website, click “GO.” International Affiliate Members, click here to access the site. …

Can you use AAA in Canada?

Bring Your AAA Card

Did you know your American Automobile Association (AAA) membership is honored in Canada? Through reciprocal arrangements with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), AAA members can use benefits like roadside assistance and travel planning while in Canada.

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Does Costco sell Mexican car insurance?

The first of these disadvantages and the most important is that Costco doesn’t carry the Mexican car insurance policy necessary to be able to drive in Mexico. This insurance is known as tourist auto insurance and it is the one that every foreigner who wants to drive in Mexico must have.

What insurance do you need to drive in Mexico?

You are required by Mexican law to have liability insurance. If you cause a car accident, this covers bodily injuries and property damage to others.

How many miles does my insurance cover in Mexico?

Mileage restriction – Generally, U.S. auto policies have a mileage restriction into Mexico (usually between 25-100 miles). If you drive out of the specific mileage zone, your U.S. provider will not be able to provide the Mexico coverage extension.

Does your auto insurance cover you in Mexico?

The answer is most likely no — your regular car insurance, which covers you in the U.S. and Canada, won’t cover you south of the border. That’s why many major car insurance companies work with Mexican insurers to offer special coverage for tourists driving their own cars in Mexico.

How much is Mexican car insurance per day?

Cost of Mexican Car Insurance

On average, a Mexican auto insurance policy with full coverage will cost you $20.72 per day. Your rates depend on what time of year you’re traveling, your car’s make and model, and how long you’re planning on staying.

What happens if my car is stolen in Mexico?

If your vehicle was stolen during your visit to Mexico, please immediately report the theft by calling 911. You must then immediately visit a District Attorney’s office to obtain a police report. … Valid vehicle registration. Valid driver license or identification.

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