Is Guadalajara known for tequila?

The Magical Town of Tequila is located in the state of Jalisco, one hour from Guadalajara. If you want to enjoy a good shot of tequila, one of the country’s iconic drinks, this is the perfect place to do it. Mexico is worldwide recognized for this iconic drink and here in Tequila is where the best samples are made.

Is tequila from Guadalajara?

If you didn’t know that there’s actually a town named Tequila, buckle up because you’re in for a treat. This town, located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, is one of the best day trips from Guadalajara and is considered the birthplace of tequila.

What city in Mexico is known for tequila?

Jalisco, Mexico’s most emblematic region, is the birthplace of many of the country’s cultural offerings, including Tequila; the state is rich with the drink’s history and the culture that surrounds it.

What is Guadalajara best known for?

Guadalajara Mexico, Everything You Need to Know. Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Mexico with a population of 1.5 million people and is ranked as the 8th best city to visit in Latin America. It’s known for the tequila, mariachi, its rich history, and its traditions.

What tequila is made in Guadalajara?

1. Mundo Cuervo: La Rojeña. Perhaps the most well-known name in tequila is Jose Cuervo. La Rojeña is Jose Cuervo’s flagship distillery and the oldest in Latin America.

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Why is Mexico known for tequila?

Tequila is best known as being the birthplace of the drink that bears its name, “tequila,” which is made from the blue agave plant, native to this area. The heart of the plant contains sugars and had been used by native peoples here to make a fermented drink.

How do you get from Guadalajara to tequila?

From Guadalajara, the cheapest way to reach Tequila Town is to go the Old Bus Central (the New Bus Central is actually in Tlaquepaque while the Old Bus Central is in Guadalajara itself) and catch the hourly bus to Tequila (check schedule of Buses from Guadalajara to Tequila here).