Is it safe driving from Cancun to Playa del Carmen?

Is it safe to drive from Cancun to Playa del Carmen at night?

Driving from Cancun to Playa is no more dangerous than driving at night in any city/suburbs, aside what you already know about speed limits, etc. You will take a 2-3 lane expressway, well lighted and populated.

Is Playa del Carmen in Cancun safe?

Playa del Carmen is a generally safe destination for solo visitors, though they should exercise caution as petty crime and scams have been known to occur in Mexico. Tips for solo travelers include sticking to main tourist centers, staying in hostels, and not walking alone at night.

Is it safe to drive from Cancun to Riviera Maya?

Re: Is it safe to drive from cancun airport to riviera maya? It is safe driving and trip will be on freeway with good signage. Make sure you buy all of the insurance offered from rent a car company. It maybe less to take shuttles a few times then renting a car for a week.

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Is driving around Cancun safe?

While you should always be prepared and take precautions while driving in Mexico or any foreign country, there’s no need to be fearful: driving in Cancun and renting a car are safe activities for tourists. The U.S. State Department advises to use toll roads when possible and avoid driving alone or at night.

Which is safer Cancun or Playa del Carmen?

Both Playa del Carmen and Cancun are considered equally safe. Both are Americanized cities in Mexico that attract a lot of tourists.

Is it safe to walk around Playa del Carmen at night?

While we would never suggest walking around anywhere at night (especially by yourself), Playa del Carmen is technically safe at night. There are dodgy areas that you should avoid, but if you stay on the typical touristy streets, you will be okay. It is better to stick with a group though.

Do cartels own resorts in Cancun?

Right Robert…the cartels own many of the large resorts.

What is the best month to go to Playa del Carmen?

The best time to visit Playa del Carmen is between April and May, when there are fewer people along the shore. Day temperatures hover between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, dropping slightly in the evenings. From October to March, the climate is generally dry and slightly warm.

Is Cancun Mexico safe right now?

As you make your Spring 2022 plans, you should read the full advisory for Mexico, which has state-level summaries and advisory levels for information on specific destinations. The state of Quintana Roo, where Tulum, Cancún, and Puerto Morelos are located, has an “Exercise Increased Caution” advisory because of crime.

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Is it safe to drive in Playa del Carmen?

Driving within Playa Del Carmen is safe but there are a few cautionary things to watch for. It can be hard to drive in a foreign country and have a lot of different distractions. Driving in the city of Playa Del Carmen can be more distracting then when you get on the highway and are in other locations.

Is it safe to drive to Tulum from Cancun?

Yes, it is safe to travel from Cancun to Tulum. The road is regularly maintained and the buses are clean and well equipped with air conditioning. Be aware of petty theft in the area and take any necessary precautions as you would normally do when you travel.

What side of the road do you drive on in Cancun?

Driving is on the right side of the road in Mexico, which makes initial orientation a simple affair. Traffic signs are in Spanish, so before their trip, travelers should Google Mexican road signs to brush up on the most critical of these, such as ALTO (STOP) or CURVA PELIGROSA (DANGEROUS CURVE).

Is it easy to drive in Cancun Mexico?

How easy is driving in Cancun? Driving in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum was very easy. We found it much easier than driving in Orlando and Atlanta, to name a few. The signs in the area are all in Spanish but if you know the area you are going e.g. “Playa del Carmen” you will have no trouble getting there.

Is it safe to drive from Cancun to Tulum 2021?

The federal highway between Cancun and Tulum is very safe. Use common sense and obey the traffic rules. Mexico has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Do NOT drink and drive.

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How do you get around Cancun without a car?

Getting Around Cancun – Getting Around Cancun for Tourists

  1. Cancun Public Transportation. Most travelers in Cancun agree that the bus is the best way to get around. …
  2. Walking. Once you’ve made it to popular spots like the Hotel Zone or Boulevard Kukulcán, it’s very easy to explore the areas on foot. …
  3. Taxis. …
  4. Ferry. …
  5. By Plane.