Is it safe to drive from Cancún to Mérida?

It is very safe and I actually recommend it because you are free to stop anywhere you like and travel at your own pace. there is so much to see in between that you might decide to change your original schedule along the way. The roads are very good and very well signed, you cannot go wrong.

How safe is it to drive from Cancun to Merida?

You have 3 options in fact, firts if you decide to drive you can either take the highway (you will need to pay), it’s safe, 2 lane each side, not too much traffic but if your car broke down you will be alone in the jungle. And the trip from cancun to Merida is about 4 hours by highway.

Is it safe to drive around the Yucatan?

Yes, it is safe to drive in the Yucatan as a tourist, as long as you are sensible. You WILL pass drug compounds with armed men on the walls if you are driving in the Yucatan. Sometimes, those men may wave or shout at you. Exercise your common sense and DO NOT STOP.

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Is it safe to drive from Cancun to Tulum 2020?

Yes, it is safe to travel from Cancun to Tulum. The road is regularly maintained and the buses are clean and well equipped with air conditioning. Be aware of petty theft in the area and take any necessary precautions as you would normally do when you travel.

Is it safe to drive from Cancun to Merida at night?


Driving at night in the Yucatan is generally no more dangerous than driving where you live at night. If you stick to highway 307 along the Riviera or any major highway in Merida you will be safe.

Is Merida Mexico safe?

Merida is the Safest City in Mexico

To quickly put your mind at ease, Merida is considered the safest Mexico city. In 2019, an article in CEOWorld Magazine came out declaring Merida the safest city in Mexico and the second safest city on the Americas Continent.

How long is the bus ride from Merida to Cancun?

Depending on where you are stopping, the bus ride takes between four and five hours, and travels 305 kilometers (189.5 miles). Buses are fairly frequent, running from Cancun to Merida every 45 minutes. They depart from the Central Bus Station in Cancun, or from Cancun’s airport.

What is the safest route to drive through Mexico?

I always recommend taking the cuota roads, but especially if you need to drive after dark. In general, these are considered the safest option when traveling around the country and often there is no other option to get to your destination.

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Is Yucatan state safe?

The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the safest places for travelers in Mexico, while petty crime can be found in most places, it has one of the lowest rates of homicide in Mexico (10 times lower than the rest of the country) and safer than major cities such as New York, Cairo and London.

Is Tulum Mexico safe 2021?

Tulum is a safe town for tourists and incidents of violent crime here are few and far in-between, especially compared to the rest of the country. But when violent crime does happen here, it’s usually related to drugs. … Try to stay in Tulum town or one of the resorts at the beach.

Is Tulum safe for Tourists 2021?

Tulum Travel Advisories

According to OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council), Tulum is moderately safe to visit and travelers should exercise increased caution in the area. Their advisories include concerns such as cartel activity, Covid-19, contaminated water, and natural disasters.

Are there cartels in Tulum?

A party promoter in Tulum described the guiding principle as “making sure there’s only one cartel providing drugs at a party, so there’s no fighting between dealers.” Quintana Roo has suffered 650 homicides so far this year, down from a peak of 866 in 2018, but a marked increase from earlier years.

Is it safe to drive from Merida to Campeche?

Short answer: Yes — For the vast majority of travelers, it’s safe to drive anywhere in Mexico. Longer answer: As a general rule, the Yucatan Peninsula is considered safe for both locals and visitors, and the drive from Merida to Campeche is also safe.

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Why do people in Mexico Drive with hazards on?

Mexican drivers use their hazard lights as a signal that they are slowing down fast, like for a speed bump, a police checkpoint or turning off the highway. If the person driving in front of you turns on their hazard lights, prepare to slow down.

Is it safe to drive from Cancun to Chetumal?

Yes… totally safe. However – and this goes for the whole country – do not drive at night. I’ve driven this stretch a dozen times in both directions over the last 10 years.