Is surgery cheaper in Mexico?

It is tempting to believe that you could have your life’s dream as easily and cheaply as they advertise! And yes, metabolic surgery is often cheaper in Mexico than it is in the United States.

How much does surgery cost in Mexico?

Affordable Surgery

Medical Procedure USA Mexico
Breast Implants $6,400 $3,800
Rhinoplasty $12,000 $2,800
Facial Lift $11,000 $4,250
Gastric Band Surgery $24,000 $9,500

Is it cheaper to have surgery in Mexico?

In general, medical care in Mexico saves a patient 40 to 75% compared to the cost of similar services in the U.S. Some think that due to the low cost of medical procedures in Mexico, the quality of the surgeries, pre-op and post-op treatments must be of lower quality. Nothing can be further than the truth!

Is it a good idea to get surgery in Mexico?

We are here to clear this up: Yes, there are many myths about having plastic surgery in Mexico. However, myths are just myths, and when you do your research, the fact is that plastic surgery in Mexico can be a safe experience.

Why are medical procedures cheaper in Mexico?

Why are Healthcare Costs in Mexico Lower than the USA? … The money you pay varies greatly from region to region and from market to market, even though the quality of the health care services remains the same. Another reason for the drastic difference in health care prices is the high comparative value of U.S currency.

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How do you pay for surgery in Mexico?

When financing your plastic surgery in Mexico, there are two main options available to you.

  1. Pay for your surgery in cash.
  2. Finance your operation using a reputable medical loan company.

How many Americans go to Mexico for surgery?

Affordable Medical Care Costs in Mexico

Talking on the same perspective, the CEO of Patients Beyond Borders – Josef Woodman, stated that over 800,000 to 1 million Americans visit Mexico from the U.S. to access affordable yet quality medical procedures every year.

How much are medical procedures in Mexico?

Cost of Medical Treatment in Mexico

Medical Procedure USA Mexico
Rhinoplasty Up to $8,000 $5,000
Lap Band/Bariatric Up to $30,000 $9,200
Hysterectomy Up to $15,000 $7,500
Dental Implant $2,000-10,000 $1,000

How much is a bbl in Mexico?

What is the cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico compared to the United States and Canada? The cost of a Brazilian butt lift in Mexico is around $4,000, compared to $8,000 in the United States.

Does insurance cover surgery in Mexico?

About Insurance in Mexico

The policy covers surgical or medical treatment of the complication in Latin America. … Coverage for $15,000 and $50,000 for up to 1 year after the occurrence of complication. No reimbursements; payments are made directly to hospitals and doctors in Mexico and other parts of Latin America.