Quick Answer: What is a major US export to Mexico?

Top U.S. product exports include electronics, vehicles, fuels, minerals, plastics, and machinery. Mexico is the second-largest agricultural export market for the United States, importing USD 19.5 billion in U.S. agricultural products, including corn, soybeans, dairy, pork and beef products in 2018.

What does the US trade to Mexico?

In 2020, Mexico was the second-largest supplier of foreign crude oil to the United States, as well as the largest export market for U.S. refined petroleum products and U.S. natural gas. Other top U.S. exports to Mexico include machinery, electrical machinery, vehicles, mineral fuels, and plastics.

What are 5 major imports in Mexico?

Imports The top imports of Mexico are Integrated Circuits ($29.8B), Refined Petroleum ($29.3B), Vehicle Parts ($27.2B), Office Machine Parts ($16.5B), and Cars ($9.87B), importing mostly from United States ($235B), China ($62.5B), Germany ($16.1B), South Korea ($14.3B), and Japan ($12.6B).

What are the major goods and services exported from the US to Mexico?

The largest U.S. exports to Mexico are petroleum and coal products, motor vehicle parts, semiconductors and other electronic parts, computer equipment, and basic chemicals.

What is Mexico’s main import?

Mexico’s major imports include machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, and consumer goods.

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What are major imports and exports of Mexico?

Mexico: Exports And Imports

Rank Top Exports Top Imports
1 Crude Petroleum Refined Petroleum
2 Cars Vehicle Parts
3 Vehicle Parts Integrated Circuits
4 Delivery Trucks Computers

What is Mexico known for producing?

Mexico produces large quantities of maize (corn), coffee, sugar cane, beans tomatoes and avocados. Mexico also produces tropical products such as sugarcane, bananas, pineapples, papayas, mangoes, coffee and cacao.

What are Mexico’s top 3 exports?

Mexico’s Top Exports

  • Crude petroleum – $9.78 billion.
  • Gold – $4.82 billion.
  • Refined petroleum – $2.82 billion.
  • Copper ore – $2.47 billion.
  • Silver – $1.81 billion.

What is US main export?

Exports The top exports of United States are Refined Petroleum ($84.9B), Crude Petroleum ($61.9B), Cars ($56.9B), Integrated Circuits ($41.4B), and Vehicle Parts ($41.2B), exporting mostly to Canada ($252B), Mexico ($235B), China ($103B), Japan ($70.1B), and Germany ($59.8B).

What is New Mexico’s biggest import?

Below are New Mexico’s top 10 import products highlighting the state’s highest spending on foreign-made goods in 2020.

  • Computer parts and accessories: $953 million (20.8% of New Mexico’s total imports)
  • Medical, dental, veterinarian instruments: $411 million (9%)
  • Mixed immunological products: $276 million (6%)

What goods do we export to Mexico?

According to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the top U.S. export categories to Mexico in 2016 by two-digit HS numbers were:

  • Machinery: $46 billion.
  • Electrical machinery: $43 billion.
  • Mineral fuels: $35 billion.
  • Vehicles: $22 billion.
  • Plastics: $18 billion.