What does California import from Mexico?

Also in 2020, California imported $47.9 billion in goods from Mexico. The top import categories were computer and electronic products, transportation equipment, agricultural products, and miscellaneous manufactured goods. California is the second largest importing state for goods from Mexico.

What do we import from Mexico?

The largest categories of imported goods from Mexico are vehicles, electrical machinery, machinery, agricultural products, mineral fuels, and optical and medical equipment.

What foods do we import from Mexico?

The top U.S. import commodities from Mexico are vegetables and fruit, wine & beer, and snack foods – accounting for 75% of the total U.S. ag imports from Mexico.

What are the main imports of California?

In September 2021 the top imports of California were Computers ($3.47B), Telephones ($2.82B), Crude Petroleum ($2.02B), Cars ($1.88B), and Video Displays ($1.45B).

What goods do we export from Mexico?

Among Mexico’s major exports are machinery and transport equipment, steel, electrical equipment, chemicals, food products, and petroleum and petroleum products. About four-fifths of Mexico’s petroleum is exported to the United States, which relies heavily on Mexico as one of its principal sources of oil.

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What is Mexico’s biggest import?

Imports The top imports of Mexico are Integrated Circuits ($29.8B), Refined Petroleum ($29.3B), Vehicle Parts ($27.2B), Office Machine Parts ($16.5B), and Cars ($9.87B), importing mostly from United States ($235B), China ($62.5B), Germany ($16.1B), South Korea ($14.3B), and Japan ($12.6B).

What is the most imported product in USA?

Searchable List of America’s Most Valuable Import Products

Rank US Import Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Cars $145,659,382,000
2 Computers, optical readers $104,948,207,000
3 Phone system devices including smartphones $102,547,452,000
4 Medication mixes in dosage $95,175,568,000

What can I import from Mexico to USA?

Mexico’s top agricultural imports are: Fresh vegetables ($5.9 billion) Fresh fruit ($5.8 billion)

Importing Goods from Mexico -Top imports to the United States:

  • Vehicles ($93 billion)
  • Electrical machinery ($64 billion)
  • Machinery ($63 billion)
  • Mineral fuels ($16 billion)
  • Optical and medical instruments ($15 billion)

What is the import tax from Mexico to USA?

Accordingly, starting on June 10, 2019, the United States will impose a 5 percent Tariff on all goods imported from Mexico.

What does the USA import?

Main imports are: capital goods (22 percent) and consumer goods (21 percent). Others include: automotive vehicles, parts and engines (12 percent) and foods, feeds and beverages (5 percent).

What does Mexico export to California?

Mexico continues to be California’s No. … Exports of transportation equipment, electrical equipment, and non-electrical machinery from California to Mexico made up $2.78 billion, $1.9 billion, and $1.875 billion, respectively. Also in 2020, California imported $47.9 billion in goods from Mexico.

What is California’s largest import?

The state’s largest manufacturing export category is computer & electronic products, which accounted for $45.2 billion of California’s total goods exports in 2018.

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Where does California import goods from?

Top 25 Countries Based on 2020 Dollar Value

Rank Country 2020 % Share
Total California Imports and % Share of U.S. Total 16.9
Total, Top 25 Countries and % Share of State Total 93.1
1 China 32.9
2 Mexico 12.1

What are Mexico’s imports and exports?

Mexico: Exports And Imports

Rank Top Exports Top Imports
1 Crude Petroleum Refined Petroleum
2 Cars Vehicle Parts
3 Vehicle Parts Integrated Circuits
4 Delivery Trucks Computers

What goods does the United States trade with Mexico?

The largest U.S. exports to Mexico are petroleum and coal products, motor vehicle parts, semiconductors and other electronic parts, computer equipment, and basic chemicals.

How much US corn does Mexico import?

Mexico now purchases 25 percent of American corn exports, amounting to more than $2.7 billion annually. Nearly all of the 16 million tons of corn Mexico imports each year is used for livestock and industrial purposes, while corn for human consumption is grown domestically.