Can you buy silver coins in Mexico?

Buying Gold and Silver in Mexico. … There are a few popular precious metal dealers in Mexico that offer a large variety of remarkable bullion products, such as the spectacular Gold Peso, Gold Onza, Mexican Gold and Silver Libertad coins.

Is silver cheaper to buy in Mexico?

Silver is inexpensive in Mexico, relative to other places in the world. … Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and pure silver is 95.0%. Looking for these marks will help you determine which type you are buying.

Are Mexican coins made of silver?

The most common peso coins were 27.468 grams of 93.5% pure silver and equaled eight Spanish reales, giving them their common name, “pieces of eight.”

How much silver is in Mexican coins?

Melt Values of World Silver Coins

Coin Composition Melt Value Updated 1/19/2022
Mexico Silver 50 Centavo (1950-1951) 30% Silver $1.55
Mexico Silver Peso (1866-1914) 90.3% Silver $18.99
Mexico Silver Peso (1918-1919) 80% Silver $11.27
Mexico Silver Peso (1920-1945) 72% Silver $9.32

Is Mexican silver good?

Mexico is one of the leading producers of silver in the world, and you’ll find the finest silver jewelry in Taxco, Mexico. Today, people from around the globe visit this city to purchase their silver jewelry. Standard Mexican silver is 92.5% pure, though its purity ranges from 92.5% to 99.9%.

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Where can I find silver in Mexico?

Zacatecas is Mexico’s leading silver producing state (46.5% of total; see map), well ahead of Chihuahua (16.6%), Durango (11.3%) and Sonora (6.9%).

Is Mexico 925 real silver?

Purity. Although standards vary, most Mexican silver is . 925 (92.5 percent) pure. … It may say, “silver made in Mexico” or “Mexico silver.” Some Mexican silver features an eagle stamped into it with a number designating where in the country it originated.

What is Taxco Mexican silver?

The people who lived in the area now known as Taxco were using silver long before the Spanish arrived in the Americas. They mined silver and used it to make gifts for Aztec gods and for other ceremonial purposes. The Aztecs used silver for jewelry too, and Aztec jewelers were incredible craftsmen.

How can you tell if a foreign coin is silver?

The best way to determine if your coins are silver is to view the edge of the coin. If the coin has a solid silver stripe, then you can feel confident that it’s silver. If you can see a copper stripe, then the coin is clad. A more subdued silver stripe with faint traces of copper could mean that the coin is 40% silver.

How much is a 1977 Cien pesos worth?

Mintage, Worth:

Year Mark Value, USD
1979 Mo $ 25.86
1978 Mo $ 17.60
1977 Mo $ 16.42

What are Mexican coins called?

MXN is the currency abbreviation for the Mexican peso, which is the official currency of Mexico. The Mexican peso is made up of 100 centavos and is often presented with the symbol $ or Mex$. The name “peso” means “weights” and refers to gold or silver weights.

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How much is a 1988 Mexican 1000 coin worth?

Mintage, Worth:

Year Mark Value, USD
1990 M $ 0.91
1989 M $ 0.65
1988 M $ 0.61

How much is a $10 Mexican coin worth in the US?


Krause number KM# 616
Currency rate 10 MXN = 0.49 USD
Year 1997-2021
Period United Mexican States (1992 – 2021)
Coin type Circulation coins

How much is a 10000 Mexican bill worth?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates Mexican Peso / US Dollar
1000 MXN 48.79250 USD
2000 MXN 97.58500 USD
5000 MXN 243.96250 USD
10000 MXN 487.92500 USD