Can you swim in the ocean in Cancun in November?

In november, swimming is ideal on the beaches around Cancun! With water reaching 83°F at most and 82°F on average, spending time in the water is very pleasant. Note also that in november, the climate is good with an average outside temperature of 79°F, 6.5in of precipitation (over 9 days) and 80.94 % humidity.

Is the water cold in Cancun in November?

Most late November days are perfect for hitting the beach or visiting the adventure parks or ruins. Ocean temperatures hold steady from October, while the last of the nesting sea turtles leave the area. (Average Max Temperature: 29°C, Average Rainfall: 95mm, Days with Rain: 8, Ocean Temperature: 28°C.)

Is the water warm in Cancun in November?

In November, the average sea temperature in Cancún is 27.4°C (81.3°F). For swimming, diving, and other water activities, temperatures between 25°C (77°F) and 29°C (84.2°F) are perceived as very enjoyable and pleasurable for prolonged periods without feeling uncomfortable.

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Is November a good time to go to Cancun?

Weather in Cancun in November starts to mellow out, making November one of the best months of the year to visit. It isn’t as rainy as the other fall and summer months, you’ll find inexpensive flights and hotel accommodation, light crowds and beautiful Cancun weather to set the stage for a fun and relaxing holiday.

Is the ocean water warm in Cancun?

Cancun water temperatures are always bathtub warm, varying from 78°F-80°F in the winter months to 82°F-84°F in the summer months. Underwater visibility is best near Cozumel, where it can reach up to an amazing 200 feet.

When should you avoid Cancun?

Just try to avoid traveling from mid-March to early April – that’s when spring breakers descend on the Yucatán’s shores. There are also significant discounts in late spring, summer and fall, but Cancún summers are sweltering and the fall months are prone to storms.

Can you swim in Mexico in November?

The country is beautiful in November, and it is an opportunity to see Mexico in fall colors. In the Yucatán Peninsula, there is little rain with warm temperatures, perfect for swimming. … Toward the end of the month, you won’t experience much rain, if any at all. The coast is perfect for a November visit and beach time.

Is November hurricane season in Cancun?

Hurricanes are another consideration when planning a trip to Cancun. Mexico’s hurricane season falls between June and November (ramping up from September through November).

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Cancun?

Although the seaweed season runs from May until August, swimming is still permitted on all Cancun beaches. Visitors should be aware to swim in areas that the water is very blue. Avoid areas where the water has become dark green due to seaweed floating in high concentrations.

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How warm is Cancun in November?

Average November high temperatures in Cancun still reach mid eighties with average low temperatures not dropping below 70F. In a typical November there is even one day on average where the average high temperature exceeds 90 degrees and pretty much every other day the temperature will surpass 80 degrees.

What’s the worst time to visit Cancun?

The worst time to visit Cancun is during the Caribbean hurricane season from June through November. It hits Cancun hardest in September and October. Average rainfall spikes in June, drops back down in July and August, then goes up to more than eight inches over the next two months.

How much rain does Cancun get in November?

Total Rainfall Averages per Month

Days Inches
17 October 11.1
11 November 5.0
10 December 3.5
112 Year 51.2

What should I avoid in Cancun?

Travel smarter by checking out this list of common travel mistakes to avoid in Cancun, Mexico.

  • Exchanging money at the airport. …
  • Choosing your hotel by price alone. …
  • Taking a taxi at the airport. …
  • Buying everything at the listed price. …
  • Drinking water from the faucet. …
  • Booking tours from stand-alone tour guides.

Are there sharks at Cancun?

Cancun is home to around 40 different species of shark. The variety is wide: from the small dogfish to the huge whale shark. Here, we will discuss seven of the most prominent and commonly found species around the Cancun beaches.

What month is the hottest in Cancun?

Cancun weather in the winter is very pleasant with average highs of 28°C. Cooler temperatures are due to chilly trade winds from the north that carry cool breezes to the coast and lower temperatures. The hottest season is between December and April, with warm highs of 30°C.

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What is rainy season in Cancun?

When is rainy season in Cancun? The rainy season in Mexico runs from late August to November. It’s rare to get a full day of rain however, as most showers only last for a few hours.