How does a fideicomiso work in Mexico?

In the simplest terms, a Fideicomiso is a bank trust that allows you to invest in any Mexican property and own it as a beneficiary. Its main idea is that you have all the rights of real estate ownership while a Mexican bank holds the legal title to it as your trustee.

How much does it cost to set up a trust in Mexico?

There is an initial fee to set up the trust, which varies depending on property and institution. On average, however, it costs $700 USD. Annual fees also vary depending on the institution.

How do I pay fideicomiso in Mexico?

How can I pay my annual fee? The payment can be made at the bank that holds your fideicomiso, or you can obtain instructions from your bank on how to make a wire transfer.

Is a fideicomiso safe?

“The fideicomiso is a safe way to hold property in the Restricted Zone. It grants the title to a bank chosen by the buyer. The bank cannot treat the trust-held property as an asset of the bank.

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What is a bank trust in Mexico?

The Mexican bank trust is an instrument commonly used for non-Mexican nationals, such as U.S. citizens and Canadians, to purchase coastal land in Mexico . … In the Restricted Zone, Mexican nationals have the option of using either a fideicomiso or an escritura publica to acquire real estate.

How much does a Fideicomiso cost in Mexico?

The downside of forming a Fideicomiso would be the price. The initial bank fees (that include the permit, one yearly fee in advanced and expenses) are between $2,000 and $2,500 USD, which you pay on top of all the closing costs (acquisition property tax, rights, certificates, notary and attorney fees, etc.).

How much does a Fideicomiso cost?

How Much Does A Fideicomiso Cost? In most cases, the cost of establishing a Fideicomiso is between USD $2,000 to $3,000. This price includes an establishment fee, the cost of the first year, and a government fee. After that, you can then expect to pay between USD $550 to $1,000 in annual fees to your bank.

How long does a Fideicomiso last?

HOW LONG DOES THE TRUST LAST AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Mexican law provides that a fideicomiso last for 50 years, and can be renewed at the end of the term. Although bank fees may vary, a typical charge is a one-time set up fee of $500 and an annual maintenance fee of $500.

Does Mexico recognize trusts?

Unlike many jurisdictions, Mexico not only recognizes the existence and uses of Trusts, but will enforce United States Trusts in certain circumstances.

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How much are closing costs in Mexico?

The Closing Costs in Mexico consist of various fees and expenses and generally total between 4% to 6% of the actual purchase price (higher if there is a mortgage involved). These costs are always the responsibility of the buyer.

Can an LLC own property in Mexico?

With a single fideicomiso, you can hold many Mexican properties. … A fideicomiso is good for 50 years and is renewable thereafter (by you or your heirs). It can be held by one or more individuals or by an entity (LLC, for example).

Can you legally own property in Mexico?

It is perfectly legal for an American to own property in Mexico. Beyond the somewhat tedious process of setting up a bank trust (fideicomiso), buying property in Mexico as an American or Canadian is fairly straightforward.

Do you need to be a citizen to buy property in Mexico?

Foreigners can own property in Mexico. It’s perfectly legal. Outside the restricted zones—50 kilometers (about 31 miles) from shorelines and 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) from international borders—foreigners can hold direct deed to property with the same rights and responsibilities as Mexican nationals.

What is an escritura title in Mexico?

The escritura includes all of the important information about the property including, who the seller of the property was, who the new buyer or owner of the property is now, the legal description of the real estate, the cadastral number, how much the purchaser paid for the property and more.

What is a Fido Comiso?

Mexico does not require licensing for its own citizens. … By incorporating in Mexico, a person may transfer ownership to said corporation, thus retaining possession of the property as fee simple (Fido Comiso).

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