Quick Answer: Is it illegal to send clothes to Mexico?

Used clothes and shoes declared as gifts or commercial items are prohibited from being sent to Mexico. Any used clothing items sent to Mexico declared other than as used personal effects will result in the shipment being rejected by Mexican customs and returned to the origin country.

What items Cannot be shipped to Mexico?

Mexico Prohibited and Restricted Items

  • 1-phenyl-2-propanone.
  • 3, 4-Methylenedioxyphenyl-2-propanone.
  • Alcohol (natural, industrialized, ethylic)
  • Animal skins.
  • Benzyl cyanide.
  • Bunker oil sample (for analysis)
  • Chemicals, Haz and Non-Haz.
  • Circuits & circuit boards.

Why can’t you ship used clothes to Mexico?

In the United States, they are discarded goods; once they are in Mexico, they are in-demand commodities. While in transit, they are contraband. Importing used clothing for sale without the proper import license from Mexico’s Secretariat of Economy is prohibited, but it’s believed no one actually has the license.

How do I ship personal items to Mexico?

Shipping your personal goods to Mexico

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Self-move: If you ship your own goods, you will need to use a Mexican Customs Broker to help you get the shipment across the border, submit the required paperwork including your certificate from the Mexican Consulate, and then onward-transport the shipment yourself.

Can you cross used clothes to Mexico?

The reason is that the importation of used clothing and shoes to Mexico is strictly prohibited by law. Not only are the items subject to seizure when you arrive, you can also be fined.

Can I take new clothes to Mexico?

Items you can bring without a permit or paying taxes, including: New or used goods for personal use, such as clothes, shoes, including any wedding party attire, and toiletries in a quantity appropriate for the length of your trip and that does not appear as if you may be intending to sell them.

Can I send packages to Mexico?

USPS can ship to Mexico. They offer flat-rate shipping which is a great way to forecast shipping costs. Like the other carriers, your rates depend on how heavy the package is and the expected delivery time.

Can I ship an iPhone to Mexico?

We usually prefer using DHL to Mexico. They have a much bigger presence in Mexico than Fedex and UPS combined. However, I strongly advise you against sending that iPhone to Mexico.

Can I send new shoes to Mexico?

It’s important to note that while there are no restrictions set on shipping shoes from the US to Mexico by the US government, Mexico imposed restrictions on imported footwear in 2015.

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Is UPS shipping to Mexico?

UPS scores with the most delivery options to or from any corner of Mexico. We have 390+ locations and over 550 vehicles and are the only carrier with guaranteed ground service there.

What household items are not allowed in Mexico?

In addition to these two categories, the following are also prohibited from import to Mexico in a household goods shipment:

  • Consumable items such as paper towels, tissue, white paper and diapers, which may be subject to customs duties.
  • Food, including spices, tinned products, canned goods, supplements and pet food.

How can I send a gift to Mexico?

Use a private carrier that ships to Mexico, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, or NEX Worldwide Express, to send large or unusually shaped packages. Private carriers can often get international packages to Mexico more quickly than public ones (about 2-3 business days), though they are typically pricier, too.

Does Amazon deliver to Mexico?

Yes, Amazon delivers to most major centers in Mexico and a Mexican forwarding service like MyUS can deliver anywhere in Mexico. How long will it take Amazon to ship my order? Most deliveries will take 7 to 10 days unless using Prime which promises to deliver to most major centers in 1 day.

Do I need a declaration of goods to Mexico?

The Mexico Declaration of Goods form is a document that must be complete prior to entering Mexico. The form is used to declare the luggage that you are bringing with you into the country and details of its contents such as the amounts of cash, any food, pharmaceuticals etc.

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How much is the import duty in Mexico?

You may import merchandise other than your personal baggage and duty-free allowance by paying the general tax of 16% of the total value of the exceeding merchandise. For this purpose, you must fill out the form Foreign Trade Tax Payment or the simplified online form Federal Tax Payment.

Can I bring two laptops to Mexico?

Bringing one or two laptops for personal use is completely fine and you won’t have to pay anything. … The customs duty tax differs between countries, and you’ll be required to pay 10-40% import duty when arriving with multiple laptops unintended for personal use.