What is the most popular fast food chain in Mexico?

Burger King is positioned as the favorite fast-food restaurant of Mexicans, followed by McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, KFC and Domino’s Pizza.

What is the most popular food chain in Mexico?

el Restaurante Top 100 Mexican Chains

Rank Name Style
1 TACO BELL Quick Serve
4 DEL TACO Quick Serve

What is the biggest fast food chain in Mexico?

The QSR 50 Mexican Segment

Rank QSR 50 Rank Chain
1 6 Taco Bell
2 16 Chipotle Mexican Grill
3 37 Del Taco
4 38 Qdoba Mexican Grill

Are there fast food chains in Mexico?

Of course, plenty of fast food chains exist around Mexico that you’ve heard of before: McDonalds, Burger King, Carl’s Jr, Dominos, and more sit-down style places like TGIFridays and Chilis.

What is the most popular fast-food restaurant in New Mexico?

According to World Population Review, the most popular fast food chain in New Mexico is Chick-Fil-A. New Mexico isn’t the only state that loves that restaurant. In fact, it was the most popular fast food chain across the country by far, proving to be the favorite of 21 states.

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How many fast food chains are in Mexico?

As of November 2020, there were more than 68 thousand fast-food establishments in Mexico, out of which nearly 7.7 thousand were located in the state with the same name. Jalisco was the Mexican state with the second largest number of restaurants serving this type of food, with around 4.5 thousand.

Is Taco Bell in Mexico?

That’s right: There are no Taco Bells in Mexico. … Taco Bell’s forays into Mexico started back in 1992, when the chain had only around 3,700 restaurants, the vast majority of which were in the US.

Does Mexico have Mcdonalds?

There are 270 McDonald’s franchises in Mexico, and the company claims it has plans to build 100 more in the next two years. But, most of these McDonald’s tend to be located on the outskirts of cities, in shopping malls — or near other commercial centers.

Is McDonald’s popular in Mexico?

Is McDonald’s Popular In Mexico? Yes, McDonald’s is very popular in Mexico. With that, McDonald’s is the second-most popular fast-food restaurant in Mexico, with Burger King being the most popular.

What are Mexican fast foods?

Mexican Fast Food Chains, Ranked From Worst To Best

  1. Moe’s Southwest Grill. Facebook.
  2. Torchy’s Tacos. Facebook. …
  3. El Pollo Loco. Facebook. …
  4. Del Taco. Facebook. …
  5. Qdoba. Facebook. …
  6. Baja Fresh. Facebook. …
  7. Taco Cabana. Facebook. …
  8. Taco John’s. Facebook. …

Do Mexicans eat fast food?

Mexico – average fast food consumption per week in 2016-2018

In 2018, 33.7 percent of respondents in Mexico stated they eat fast food less than once per week.

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Are hamburgers popular in Mexico?

Love for burgers has spread from the USA down to Mexico, where burger joints have been popping up over recent years, each on a mission to discover the perfect recipe. Certainly in Mexico City you will find countless places to have a burger, but here are some of the best.

What is the biggest restaurant in Mexico?

Mexico City restaurant serves up nostalgia, with seating for 2,200. Arroyo Restaurant in Mexico City features seating for 2,200 patrons and parking for 600 cars. Its army of cooks makes up to 15,000 tortillas a day.

What is the most popular fast food chain?

Ranking The Top 50 Fast-Food Chains in America

rank company 2018 total units
1 McDonald’s 13,914
2 Starbucks* 14,825
3 Subway* 24,798
4 Taco Bell 6,588

What is the most popular fast food chain 2021?


Despite the fact that its ranking went down by one point this year, Chick-fil-A was voted the highest-rated fast-food chain on the 2021 ACSI survey, with a score of 83. Customers on ConsumerAffairs appear to agree, as the chicken sandwich chain has a 3.9 out of 5-star overall customer rating.

Which fast food is most popular?

Fast Food Chains Ranked, by Revenue

Rank Company Category
1 McDonald’s Burger
2 Starbucks Snack
3 Chick-fil-A Chicken
4 Taco Bell Global