Which US cities have the best Mexican food?

What city in the US has the best Mexican food?

As far as cities with the most authentic Mexican restaurants overall, Chicago takes that spot. The city has 225 non-chain Mexican restaurants, followed by New York and Houston.

What state has the most Mexican food?

Texas had the largest share of Mexican restaurants as 16.7 percent of the state’s total restaurants were Mexican. In 2015, the Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill had 351 locations in California, the largest number Chipotle restaurants in the country.

Is Mexican food better in California or Texas?

Some Californians claim that Cal-Mex food is healthier, with more of an emphasis on fish and avocados and more veggies. The beans are served whole, not refried. Tacos are crispier. … They also say that in California, you will find a greater variety of cheeses, while in Texas, the emphasis is mostly on cheddar.

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What US city has the best tacos?

5 of the Most Taco-Obsessed Cities in the US

  • Austin, Texas. Texas-sized portions are dished out at a state fair. …
  • New York, New York. Dig in to some late-night tacos from a food truck. …
  • San Antonio, Texas. Street vendors take the art of the taco seriously. …
  • Los Angeles, California. …
  • Miami, Florida.

Does Texas have good Mexican food?

Texas has no shortage of traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants, making it’s difficult to narrow them down to a simple list of the best.

What state has least Mexican restaurants?

Maine had the smallest share of Mexican restaurants as only 2.6 percent of the state’s total restaurants were Mexican.

Which Mexican states have the best food?

Mexico: favorite states due to their gastronomy 2020

According to a survey carried out in January 2020, Michoacán and Oaxaca are considered the best Mexican states for eating tasty food, with over 13 percent of respondents choosing them as their favorite gastronomical regions.

What is the most popular Mexican food in America?

Fajitas. Fajitas present one of the most commonly eaten Mexican foods in the United States. It is a Tex Mex cuisine that consists primarily of meat which is served in a tortilla.

Which states in the US have the best food?

The Full List of 50 States Ranked by Their Food

  • #8 – Washington. Share. …
  • #7 – Illinois. Share. …
  • #6 – Oregon. Share. …
  • #5 – Tennessee. Share. …
  • #4 – Louisiana. Share. …
  • #3 – New York. Share. …
  • #2 – California. Share. Avocado makes it California. …
  • #1 – Texas. Share. Texas has been deemed number 1 on this list for Best Food.
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Why California has the best Mexican food?

Mexican cuisine has heavily influenced Californian cuisine due to its close proximity to the country, as well as its large Hispanic communities scattered around the state. It’s not hard to find authentic Mexican food in California.

What is Californian Mexican food called?

Commercial taquería-style Mexican fast food, consisting of offerings such as burritos, refried beans, tortas, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas, is widely popular. Taquerías can be found throughout California.

What city has the best restaurants in the US?

Best Foodie Cities in the U.S.

  • San Francisco.
  • New Orleans.
  • Chicago.
  • New York City.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Napa Valley.
  • Charleston, SC.
  • Seattle.

What US state eats the most tacos?

Texas boasts most taco-crazed cities in America but No.

What is the taco capital of the US?

Forbes magazine recently announced Kansas City as the “Taco Capital” of the United States. The reason is simple, unlike in other U.S. cities, Kansas City’s Mexican population hails from nearly every cultural region of Mexico.

What is the most popular taco in America?

Top 5 Tacos in America

  • #5: Carne Asada Tacos Dorados — La Taqueria. …
  • #4: Migas Taco — Veracruz All Natural. …
  • #3: Al Pastor Taco — Los Guachos Taqueria. …
  • #2: Carnitas Tacos — Carnitas Uruapan. …
  • #1: Fish Tacos — Ricky’s Fish Tacos. …
  • Top 5 Restaurants.