Who is the highest paid soccer player in Mexico?

As of November 2021, the Mexican right winger Raúl Jiménez was the most valuable player in the Mexican national soccer team, with a market value of approximately 50 million U.S. dollars. The right midfielder Jesús Corona occupied the second place, both with a value of 33 million dollars.

How much does a professional soccer player make in Mexico?

Average player can make 60K by month. The main players can earn as much as 1 million dlls by month. There are other leagues.. (basic ones they make about 6000-12000 pesos per month).

Who is the most successful Mexican soccer player?

Hugo Sánchez Márquez (born 11 July 1958) is a Mexican former professional footballer and manager, who played as a forward. A prolific goalscorer known for his spectacular strikes and volleys, Sánchez is widely regarded as the greatest Mexican footballer of all time.

Who is Mexico’s best player?

Here is a closer look at the very best soccer players Mexico has ever produced, with a focus on the modern era of the past 30 years:

  • CARLOS SALCIDO, Left Back.
  • ANDRES GUARDADO, Midfielder.
  • ALBERTO GARCIA ASPE, Midfielder.
  • JARED BORGETTI, Striker.
  • HUGO SANCHEZ, Striker.
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Who is the best Hispanic soccer player?

Top 10 Latin American soccer players of all times

  • 6- GARRINCHA. …
  • 4- RONALDO. …
  • 3- LEONEL MESSI. …
  • 1- PELÉ Not everything is about cups and accomplishments.

How rich is Hugo Sanchez?

Sanchez is the son of Hector Sanchez, who played for Asturias and Atlante.

Hugo Sánchez Net Worth.

Net Worth: $15 Million
Nationality: Mexico

How much does Chucky Lozano make?

Salary 2021

In August 2019 the winger signed a contract with S.S.C. Napoli that nets him a whopping salary of 5.7 Million Euro (4.8 Million Pound) per year.

Who is the most famous Mexican?

Here are the top 10 famous Mexicans.

  1. Thalía – Singer and Songwriter. …
  2. Guillermo del Toro – Filmmaker. …
  3. Lucero – Singer. …
  4. Gael García Bernal – Actor and Voiceover artist. …
  5. Frida Kahlo – Painter. …
  6. Salma Hayek – Actress. …
  7. Oscar de la Hoya – Professional Boxer. …
  8. Veronica Falcón – Actress.

Who is number 10 on Mexico soccer?


Erik Lira # M 136 lbs
Orbelin Pineda #10 M 138 lbs
Rodolfo Pizarro #24 M 156 lbs
David Ramirez # M 141 lbs

Who is the best goalkeeper in Mexico?

Guillermo Ochoa

Personal information
Date of birth 13 July 1985
Place of birth Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Position(s) Goalkeeper

What is the oldest Mexican soccer team?

Club de Fútbol Pachuca is a Mexican professional football team based in Pachuca, Hidalgo, that competes in Liga MX. Founded by Cornish miners from Camborne and Redruth in 1901, it is one of the oldest football clubs in the Americas.

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What Mexican has won the Champions League?

In 2006, he became the first Mexican player to win the UEFA Champions League when Barcelona defeated Arsenal in the final. In 2010, Márquez joined the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer.

Who is a famous Latino?

American-born Hispanics, like Jennifer Lopez, Danny Trejo, and Eva Longoria, are also calling attention to their Spanish-speaking roots. What’s more, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor are giving Hispanics a powerful voice in politics.